Staff ML Engineering Manager + Lead

United States


Why Harvey

Harvey will be a category-defining company for the application layer built on top of foundation models like GPT-4.

  • Exceptional product market fit: multiple multi-million dollar deals with the largest professional service providers (e.g. PwC) and the largest law firms on Earth (e.g. Allen & Overy).

  • Massive demand: 15,000 law firms on our waitlist.

  • World-class team: ex-DeepMind, Google Brain, Meta AI, Tesla Autopilot. Former founding engineers at $1B+ startups like Superhuman and Glean.

  • Work directly with OpenAI to build the future of generative AI and redefine professional services.

  • Top of market cash and equity compensation.


We are building systems that can automate the most complex knowledge work in the world, e.g. billion dollar litigations and corporate transactions.

  • Dealing with the most sensitive data in the world: client data from the largest companies in the world.

  • Working past the edge of published AI research: tackling problems far beyond the complexity of existing AI benchmarks.

  • Unsolved product, architectural, and business problems: natural language interfaces, prohibitively expensive evaluation of models, massive marginal costs, versioning / training / segregating models per task / legal system / practice area / client and client’s clients.


You will lead (one or two) teams of ML research engineers, research scientists, and software engineers to build complex, end-to-end LLM products. You will also contribute partially as an IC as needed.


  • Work directly with our founders, legal and research teams, and OpenAI.

  • Tackle unsolved research and engineering problems, including the hardest in the world relevant to LLMs in production.

  • Help set our research and engineering directions at an early stage in a category-defining company.

  • Build our applied research organization.


Prior experience leading teams to build complex ML systems in high-stakes domains.

  • Examples: leading ML teams in self-driving cars, search, ads, quant finance.

  • Experience with LLMs or legal is not required.


  • 7+ years total experience building complex software and ML systems.

  • 2+ years managing teams building complex software and ML systems.

  • Google level would be L6 - Staff. Open to speaking with more senior candidates (Principal+).

Let’s build the future together.