Infrastructure Engineer

San Francisco

Full time

Why Harvey

Harvey will be a category-defining company for the application layer built on top of foundation models like GPT-4.

  • Exceptional product market fit: multiple multi-million dollar deals with the largest professional service providers (e.g. PwC) and the largest law firms on Earth (e.g. Allen & Overy)

  • Massive demand: 15,000 law firms on our waitlist

  • World-class team: ex-DeepMind, Google Brain, FAIR, Tesla Autopilot. Former founding engineers at $1B+ startups like Superhuman and Glean

  • Work directly with OpenAI to build the future of generative AI and redefine professional services

  • Top of market cash and equity compensation


We are building systems that can automate the most complex knowledge work in the world, e.g. billion dollar litigations and corporate transactions.

  • Dealing with the most sensitive data in the world: client data from the largest companies in the world

  • Working past the edge of published AI research: tackling problems far beyond the complexity of existing AI benchmarks

  • Unsolved product, architectural, and business problems: natural language interfaces, prohibitively expensive evaluation of models, massive marginal costs, versioning / training / segregating models per task / legal system / practice area / client and client’s clients


As an Infrastructure Engineer, you'll play a key role in designing, building, and maintaining the infrastructure that supports the Harvey AI platform. Our customers handle the most sensitive data in the world and it’s critical we maintain trust by having resilient and secure infrastructure.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Working closely with our product, research and security teams to deploy a stable platform on our primarily Azure infrastructure

  • Implement robust, scalable infrastructure strategies for what works best for customers including cloud-hosted, cloud-prem, single tenant, etc.

  • Establish internal incident management, on-call and deployment processes as the company rapidly scales up

  • Develop and maintain automation scripts, tools, and processes to streamline system deployment

  • Collaborate with the team to troubleshoot, debug, and fix issues


Evidence of exceptional backend engineering ability.

  • Demonstrated experience shipping very difficult backend and infrastructure solutions, ideally at scale

  • Generalists preferred over siloed specialists

  • Experience with generative AI or legal is not required


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, a related field, or equivalent practical experience

  • 5+ years experience building backend and infrastructure systems

  • Practical experience with containerization technologies, including Docker and Kubernetes

  • Familiarity with infrastructure as code tools like Terraform is essential

  • Solid understanding of networking, security principles, and best practices

  • Senior or Staff level


  • Experience with Azure and on-prem deployments

  • Experience on world-class AI products (search, secommendation, ads), complex B2B backend-intensive products (payments), or difficult backend engineering at scale

  • Early engineer at a hyper-growth startup

Let’s build the future together.