Sequoia and OpenAI Back Harvey to Redefine Professional Services, Starting with Legal

sequoia plus harvey logos

We are thrilled to announce our $21M Series A led by Sequoia with participation from the OpenAI Startup Fund, Conviction, SV Angel and Elad Gil.

GPT-4 marks a shift in how professional services will be provided and consumed. Large language models have the potential to give knowledge workers superpowers by solving complex tasks efficiently and accurately. The best part: these solutions don't leave knowledge workers without work; they allow them to focus on the quintessential aspects of their professions—strategy, advice, and judgment—the exact work that makes the long hours, in school and at the job, worthwhile.

At Harvey, we believe that the future of AI will not be a chatbot that compliments your workflow; it will be the platform your workflow is built on. This is why we partner with entire firms. These close collaborations allow us to find solutions for lawyers that go beyond training data and treatises. You can't build self-driving cars in a lab and understanding the real problems faced by our clients is fundamental to making those problems AI-soluble.

Equally important to these partnerships is the cornerstone of knowledge work: trust. Law firms build their reputations on decades of being entrusted with their clients' most complex and critical problems. Lawyers build theirs on the trust that they will deliver impeccable work on unreasonable deadlines. To empower both, Harvey must build the same trust by developing AI systems that are not only powerful, but also scalable, transparent, and secure. We do so by building systems that replicate historic best practices for establishing trust in knowledge work—such as tiered review and the ability to incorporate natural language feedback—while pioneering novel systems for AI alignment and validation.

To develop these cutting-edge systems, Harvey brings together engineers from the best AI research labs and lawyers from the most prestigious firms in the world. This collaboration is unprecedented, but again, so is this opportunity. The technology that powers tomorrow's knowledge work can no longer be serviceable; it must be groundbreaking. The backing of our incredible investors gives us the resources to scale our team, deepen our partnerships, and build the AI systems that are the future of professional services.